Viking interactive

Technical Information


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  • Maximum efficiency in narrow and long areas.
  • 2no high speed elevator located endpoints of the system to decrease the entrance and exit times.
  • Up to 5 level with latest technology.
  • Minimum manoeuvring with Turntable.
  • Software which calculates the shortest route to delivery cars.
  • 4 – 12 vehicles on horizontal axis.
  • Automatic system with elevator and horizontal transport unit.
  • Up to 52 vehicle capacity.
  • Custom solutions on request.
  • Use only one entrance from the top in a closed area that does not require a deep pit.


  • Easy operation with barcode, contactless control or mobile app.
  • Safety sensors: Vehicle weight sensor, limit sensors, motion sensor, vehicle height sensor.


  • Special design for SUV.
  • Easy entrance/exit and manoeuvring at narrow places with Turntable.
  • Fire safety system.
  • Payment system.
  • Drainage system redirects any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.