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  • We offered special solutions for all outside / inside projects according to their specifications.
  • In pallet system applications, the system is fully automatic moves vertically and horizontally on a pallet and put it on a rack.
  • In robotic pallet-less system applications, fast and without person on board parking with fully automatic parking robot inside of concrete buildings. Also to change the existing buildings to car park, this system offers the best solution with its combined technology which are parking robot and lifting system.
  • Delivery time of the car is less than 2 munities. It is the fastest system among competitor.
  • It can be installed inside of the buildings or on the open areas with covered by facade elements to protect the system from weather conditions, environment and theft.
  • The system is equipped with multi sensors and security systems. Ability to recognize own faults
  • It can be able to deliver and placement of more than one car at the same time.
  • 5 times faster than conventional park.
  • Possibility of application both underground and on the ground.
  • Effective solution for low height permissioned areas or where deep pit cannot be excavated.
  • Vertical moving elevator and horizontal moving conveyors are the components of the system.
  • Waiting time for delivery of the car is minimized with maximum 100 m/min vertical moving speed and 15 m/min horizontal moving speed.
  • Ideal underground car park for city centers.

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