Sanpark requests your personal information (name, surname, age, e-mail, telephone etc.) in order to provide customersbetter service.

Statistical data that may be obtained from such personalinformation (browser type, geographical location, age, sexetc.) is used within Sanpark in the process of periodicalcampaigns, e-bulletin works, developing special promotionalactivities related to customer profiles and customer"classification" in terms of non-delivery of unwanted e-mails.

Sanpark does not share the information obtained through themembership forms, with third parties, use or sell it for tradingand non-operating purposes without the knowledge of orauthorization by the member.

Sanpark analyzes and interprets the visitor movements andpreferences that it monitors during the usage of the websiteexcluding the personal information requested in e-mail addresses and membership forms. Such statistical data whichdoes not consist of personal information is used in order tooffer guests a more effective and special booking experience.

Customer information may be disclosed should it be requestedby official authorities and in cases where such disclosure toofficial authorities is mandatory as per the compulsoryprovisions of current legislations.

Due to the nature of the internet, information may circulateand be accessed by unauthorized third parties despite allreasonable security measures. Sanpark does not accept anyliability for such unauthorized usage and damages arisingfrom it.

Information obtained is kept in a secure environment whichprohibits unauthorized access.

Sanpark does not accept any liability regarding theconfidentiality principles of other third-party websites that can be accessed through the links on its website. Therefore, werecommend you review the confidentiality approach of suchwebsites you link to prior to submitting any information.