OPTILIFT OPTILIFT Stacker mechanical parking system for 2 sedan vehicles OPTILFT, which increases parking capacity in door parking lot with low ceiling height, provides solution with quick installation. download
MAJORLIFT MAJORLIFT Stacker mechanical parking system for 2 SUV and Sedan vehicles MAJORLIFT, which provides parking for SUVs and sedans, is the smart parking solution for busy parking lots. download
MAJORTRIO MAJORTRIO Stacker mechanical parking system for 3 sedan and SUV vehicles MAJOR TRIO offers the cheapest method of tripling the parking capacity in indoor areas. download
MULTILEVEL MULTILEVEL Mechanical parking system for 3 or 4 floor MULTILEVEL increases the existing parking area up to four times in a connected way without the need for construction work. Provides efficient use in long-term parking spaces. download
IDEALIFT IDEALIFT Mechanical parking system with pit for independent parking DEALIFT which enables to be parked independently from each other, increases the parking capacity indoor areas. download
IDEALOW IDEALOW Mechanical parking system for strict areas with require pit. IDEALOW increases the parking capacity in areas with limited ceiling height, provides to be parked independently. download
SUBLIFT SUBLIFT Mechanical parking system for outdoor usage with require pit. SUBLIFT is an environment-friendly product which makes no difference in the exterior appearance, enables the vehicles to be parked independently with using pit sections. download
PRACTICAPARK PRACTICAPARK Two-floor semi-automatic parking system above ground PRACTICAPARK, the vehicles are parked on top of each other without the pit. Lifting and sliding platforms provide direct access to all entry-level parking spaces. download
PRACTICATRIO PRACTICATRIO Three-floor semi-automatic parking system 2 floor above ground section and one floor below the ground section. PRACTICATRIO, the upgraded model of the Practicapark, provides three levels of parking space and using one underground section. download
PUZZLE LIFT PUZZLE LIFT Multi-storey floor mounted Semi Automatic Parking Systems (APS) PUZZLELİFT provides a compact parking solution that saves space in a fully automatic way by moving up-down and left-right sides. download
RINGOPARK RINGOPARK Rotary Parking system RINGOPARK increases the capacity of the park in idle and narrow spaces with its simplified powerful mechanics working with ferris wheel system. Sedan up to a maximum of 12 vehicles and SUVs up to a maximum of 10 vehicles can be parked. download
LAYERPARK LAYERPARK Full Automatic Parking System for restricted underground areas LAYERPARK fully automated parking of vehicles under the ground storage logic. This automatic parking system to be used in narrow, long spaces with double elevators. The layers can move at the same time. download
SKYPARK SW SKYPARK SW Multi-row Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) side by side The flexible design of the SKYPARK SW can be used underground and above ground sections. Skypark can be planned as multi-storey up to the permissible floor height. Besides, Ergonomic design of Skypark provides multi-row side-by-side. With turntable application the user could enter the system in different positions if the entrance and exit points are located narrow sections. download
SKYPARK LW SKYPARK LW Underground multi-row automatic parking system SKYPARK LW is fully automatic, parking vehicles in narrow aisles by moving back and forth with the help of a vertical platforms. This system is useful for roadside and underground parking areas. download
PARKCENTER PARKCENTER Full Automatic shuttle parking system Using the existing surface intelligently, the Parkcenter’s shuttle moves vehicles vertically and horizontally on a pallet and delivers cars on horizontal shelves with a fully automated system. System Shuttles provide fast vehicle parking and delivery on the floors. Also, this system can be made as multi-storey. download
AXISPARK AXISPARK Full Automatic parking system provides maximum vehicle capacity in minimum space AXISPARK is a fully automatic car parking system that reduces parking time with high speed platforms and elevators. Platforms can move to three axes like puzzle and reach maximum vehicle capacity in minimum space. download
SLIDER SLIDER Sliding platform SLIDER, every free space is used by sliding the parking platform horizontally and vertically and the provided parking surface is maximized. Slider allows independent parking for spaces with limited roof height and maneuvering space. download
TURNTABLE TURNTABLE Turning unit platform The turntable facilitates rotation in areas with limited maneuverability. download
CAR ELEVATOR CAR ELEVATOR Parking offers a quick and efficient solution. VEHICLE ELEVATOR, scissor type, column type, rail type with the necessary conditions for the need for parking offers a quick and efficient solution. Vehicle elevators provide ease of use for architectural structures that are not suitable for ramps. download
PARK & FLY PARK & FLY Relieves sky traffic. Park & ​​Fly, which we designed for aircraft hangars, increases efficiency in the aviation industry by doubling the hangar capacity. Park & ​​Fly, which we produce specifically for different aircraft types, also relieves sky traffic. download